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"Hot air balloon ride is a perfect idea for your charity fundraising. You will never forget this wonderful experience of peace, tranquility and great British countryside.
You can book your flight directly from Virgin Baloon Flights

Our donors posted photos of their adventure.  Please visit our Facebook page. 

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Good News! Our donors have an exciting opportunity to fundraise for Breast Cancer Research Aid (BCRA) by donating second hand designer handbags for our upcoming Ebay auction in September 2017.

Your handbag will receive an identification number and you will have an
opportunity to monitor how much it is sold for.

You also have the opportunity to personalize your donation by putting your name or username in your item description.

Money raised from this auction will go directly to the charity account.

Please send your donation to our Commercial Participator’s warehouse in Taunton at:

Unit 24,
Foxmoor Business Park
Wellington Somerset
TA21 9 RF 

All donations will be acknowledged, and we will inform you on how the money from the auction will benefit the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research Aid would like to thank you in advance for all your support.

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