Breast Cancer Research Aid (BCRA) was established in May 2016 by a group of friends. A year earlier, a number of the groups’ colleagues and friends had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Inspired by their strength and determination in fighting breast cancer, the group decided to set up a charity to help progress research that will prevent disease and save lives.

At BCRA we are passionate about increased knowledge of breast cancer and how to prevent and treat it. We want to be part of the research movement that is fighting breast cancer and saving lives.

We are dedicated to raising vital funds that can be used to support innovative research programmes. These programmes are making huge strides in uncovering the causes of breast cancer, how it can be prevented and how people with the disease can be successfully treated.

We collaborate with researchers and research organisations to ensure the funds we raise go to the most effective and innovative breast cancer research programmes.

Why donate?

The research supported by BCRA is expanding our knowledge of breast cancer and changing the way we treat it. A donation from you could help us continue to support this vital work.

Clothing Collection

Your unwanted clothes could help find a cure for breast cancer. We work in partnership with UXT British Recycling Company to convert clothes into donations.

Get Involved

We are dedicated to supporting the most cutting-edge research about breast cancer that is happening right now. On blog will detail the latest projects we’re supporting, as well as other news.

Our Strategy

Our Vision

The successful prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Our Mission

To help save lives by supporting the ongoing research into breast cancer.

Our Aim

To help people with breast cancer by contributing to the further understanding of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment by supporting ground-breaking research programmes.

    The impact of a diagnosis of breast cancer is huge. It disproves the ‘it’ll never happen to me’ assumptions. Those who receive this diagnosis then live in a state of fear and anxiety, and it has far-reaching emotional impact on family and friends. BCRA is passionate about finding ways to prevent and treat this terrible disease.
Chairman-Trustee, Breast Cancer Research Aid    

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Helping save lives by supporting breast cancer research across the UK