The Institute Of Cancer Research (ICR), London

Breast Cancer Research Aid’s support of the work carried out at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, helps ensure discoveries made in our laboratories lead to new treatments for breast cancer. At the ICR we discover new cancer drugs and combination therapies.

We uncover new insights into the causes of breast cancer and how it becomes resistant to treatment, and we develop novel ways to image tumors. But to embark on our innovative research, we need your support. This is where Breast Cancer Research Aid plays such an important role.

Through your funding, our scientists are able to continue their research with access to the latest technology and cutting-edge infrastructure. This will allow them to continue making significant steps towards improving the lives of breast cancer patients around the world.

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Cardiff University/European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute

Cardiff University/European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute is leading the way in using stem cell research to develop new cancer therapies.

The Institute offers a state-of-the-art research environment for world-leading specialist researchers, senior academics, research fellows and postgraduate students to interact. It is a hub of research excellence in targeting cancer.

There is growing evidence that cancer stem cells are crucial to the formation of tumours. By selectively eliminating the cancer stem cells within a tumour, rather than attacking all of the tumour cells, it should be possible to treat cancer more effectively.

However, there is so much more we need to learn about cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells have already been shown to be capable of initiating leukaemia, and work at the Institute shows they also play a role in the onset of skin cancer. However, the situation with other types of cancer is much less clear.

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