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To help save lives through the ongoing research of breast cancer

ICR’s research into liquid biopsy tests

ICR’s research into liquid biopsy tests

The ICR is at the center of ground-breaking research into liquid biopsy tests, which can predict which breast cancer patients will relapse. These new blood tests will mean women can benefit from targeted treatment without the need for uncomfortable biopsies.

We are supporting the ICR by helping to fund this kind of ground-breaking research.

The liquid biopsies use genetic techniques to detect breast cancer DNA in the blood stream. It sho

ws whether a patient is responding to treatment, when a treatment is stopping working, and gives valuable information on the next treatment to try.

The next step for the ICR with this exciting development is to demonstrate that it leads to better outcomes for breast cancer patients. They are currently recruiting patients to a trial that will identify mutations in metastatic breast cancer of individu

al patients and try to match them with specific targeted treatment.

The results of the trial will be available in around two years’ time, and the ICR expects the blood tests to be used in the NHS in the next five years.

This is a very fast-moving area and one that BCRA is excited to be supporting.