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Letter Thank You From Marsden

We are very grateful to Breast Cancer Research Aid for your support of The Royal Marsden’s C-TRAK trial,
an innovative research project that has the potential to change the lives of women diagnosed with triple
negative breast cancer in the UK and world-wide.
The Royal Marsden was founded thanks to contemporary philanthropists and your generosity is
continuing this important tradition. Thank you for helping us to drive forward advances in breast cancer
research and provide patients with the best quality of life.


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Dear Ms Causer,

I am writing to thank Breast Cancer Research Aid for your kind donation of £2000.00. We are most grateful for your continued support of the ICR and commitment to our mission: to continue to work towards defeating cancer through our groundbreaking research and translation into real clinical trials and therapy.

The ICR continues to be at the forefront of medical breakthroughs across a variety of cancer-related medical research. Our recent research strategy reflects our commitment to being at the cutting edge. With the recent discoveries around the evolution and complex genetic variety of cancers, we are setting out to find a deeper understanding of the said complexity in order to develop kinder, smarter therapy for individual patients.

Our work makes a real difference. However, it is only with the support, passion and belief of charities like yours, Breast Cancer Research Aid, that we are able to continue our research.

As you may be aware, Michael has left the ICR in order to pursue a new career opportunity. I would like to introduce myself, Jack Mullen, as your new point of contact here at the ICR. Michael has filled me in on the history of your charity, if there is anything that I can help you with then please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you once again for your hard work and kind donation.

Kind regards

Jack Soares Mullen

Trusts and Corporate Fundraising Officer

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