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To help save lives through the ongoing research of breast cancer

Thank you for your generous support of the C-TRAK trials at The Royal Marsden.

“Thank you for your generous support of the C-TRAK trials at The Royal

Marsden. I understand that you require an update on the project’s

progress for your website. Would the following summary suit your


_”55,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and

around 15% of these cases will be triple negative breast cancer

(TNBC). TNBC does not respond to common therapies such as tamoxifen or

Herceptin and has a high rate of recurrence. Relapsed TNBC is often

not visible on a CT or MRI scan until it is too large to be treated.

Funding from Breast Cancer Research Aid has enabled a clinical trial –

C-TRAK – which is trying to improve diagnosis and treatment for TNBC.

The first part of the trial is attempting to identify relapsed TNBC

before it is too late to be treated by identifying specific

circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in the patients’ blood. Patients’ with

TNBC will have their blood tested every three months for two years in

the hope of using the ctDNA to identify a relapse in their condition.

Any patients who are found to have relapsed will then be randomized

into the second part of the trial which will see them either observed

or receiving pembrolizumab for one year._

_As of October 2019, C-TRAK has recruited 180 patients with TNBC. Our

target is to recruit 200 patients, and so we will be able to begin

ctDNA surveillance soon.”_

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Sarah Kennedy

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The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

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